Zed-Lover Man

Zed The fastest tongue in the West!

Zed The fastest tongue in the West!

As a family, we always adopt any furry critters from rescues or pounds and even at times have had people show up at our door with creatures needing help. Zed is the only exception. We found Zed at a pet store and his hair cut drove all our family wild. We named him Zed after Zed from the Police Academy movies. He takes after the character personality-wise.

Little did we know that his name is truly fitting until we had him for a few days. Zed suits him because “Zed’s” are what zombies are called in world war Z. With much training we have been able to teach Zed not to bite but he loves tasting and licking people so much that we will be surprised to ever get him to stop. To be honest, we actually love his quirks. He gives the best kisses after you start by giving him a kiss on his piggy head or cheek he will kiss back and then make a little sweet noise.

He is crazy for attention and loves the company of humans. Our girls are also big on cuddling with him too. He is our lover man and also poses when ever we take pictures which is really all the time. He seriously seems to pose and his pics always turn out great! He is turning into quite the diva. We adore him and are so happy we decided to bring him to join our herd. It’s piggy love and I don’t think we will ever be without pigs for the rest of our lives.

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