What Can Guinea Pigs Eat

A common question for new guinea pig owners is “What can guinea pigs eat?”.  If you want an at-a-glance look, check out the infographic I made on the topic.  This is a more detailed list with advice based on actual scientific research.  Diet plays a huge role in determining the health and longevity of your guinea pig, so it’s worth a few minutes to make sure you’re providing the optimal daily diet.

Alternatively, go ahead and check out my ‘Ultimate Guinea Pig Food List Article’. This is a dynamic tool designed to show everything and anything that your guinea pig can and can’t eat.


However, here is a little list of products you can pick up from amazon for pretty affordable rates if you are interested. I have also created an infographic that acts as an easy reference for what guinea pigs can and can’t eat.

Treats are also another great way for getting good healthy foods into your little guys diet. Check out this article here.

1. Pet Select 

Pet select are really well know for making premium animal related products, and I can vouch for that. As mentioned above, I really do prefer to create my own balanced diet for my guinea pigs i.e. I go to the grocery store and buy everything that my little guys may need. But I know that this may be a bit much for most people and I totally understand that.

Typically the next best thing to do is a buy a product that can simulate a well balanced diet in the easiest healthiest way possible. Pet Select has done just that with their small food pellets.

This, like pretty much all guinea pig food, is a Timothy Hay based formula that has been fortified with all the essential vitamins and minerals that your guinea pig will need to be healthy and happy. Every ingredient is sourced from with The United States and is created with a focus on eliminating any harmful chemicals or pesticides.

This is a small family run business, which I absolutely love and they offer a 100 percent money back guarantee, what more can you ask for?


2. Vitakraft Guinea Pig Food

Vitakraft has come out with a really great all in one product that is targeted towards fulfilling all the essential oil requirements your guinea pig needs. This is a pretty well balanced and diversified product in terms of your guinea pigs dietary requirements. If you are looking for a one stop shop food for your guinea pig, then this is the product you want to get. Bang for your buck is pretty much as good as it gets as well!


3. Kaytee Forti Diet 

I have recommended a few products by Kaytee in the past just based off of their quality and consistency and this is no exception.

What I really like about this diet food product is its focus on supporting your guinea pig’s dental health. Guinea pigs need to be able to chew on something, whether it be wood or whether it be something within their diet to file down their teeth. They are like mice in that if left unchecked, their teeth will just keep growing. Kaytee has created a product that focuses on providing the desired level of coarseness to wear your guinea pig’s teeth down in the healthiest way possible.

They have also insured that there is an ample supply of Probiotics and Probiotics which are specifically designed to support your guinea pigs gut health and ultimately improve and support its digestive system. 



Please note, these foods will not act as a one stop shop for your guinea pig’s dietary requirements. You really need to supplement your guinea pig’s diet with a range of other foods. I have created a pretty cool ‘what can guinea pigs eat tool‘ if you are interested in quickly figuring out the no go’s when it comes to foods.

Look at getting hold of some vitamin C supplements to prevent guinea pig scurvy. This is especially common with guinea pigs as like people, they are one of the few animals who are unable to produce vitamin C themselves.

Probiotics can as a great dietary supplement as well, especially if your little guy is trying to get over a cold or flu. Probiotics are fantastic at restoring your guinea pig’s immune system through the use of healthy bacteria.

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