Top 10 Reasons Why Guinea Pigs Are Good for the Soul

  1. 1.     Cuddling Your Guinea Pig Improves Your Health
    Cuddling your guinea pig can lower your blood pressure, lessen the amount of the stress hormones in your body, elevate the amount of mood-elevating hormones, improve your cardiovascular health, and lessen feelings of fear and anxiety. Studies also show that cuddling your guinea pig can improve your immune system, increase your ability to handle pain, and decrease aggressive feelings and behaviors. Interacting with your guinea pig leads to increased feelings of trust towards others, enhanced empathy, and improved learning.
  2. 2.      Your Guinea Pig Won’t Judge You
    Let’s face it – life can be tough. You go to work and your boss chastises you and doesn’t appreciate what you do. You come home and your teenager gets testy and disrespects you. People judge and throw negativity at you all the time. But guinea pigs are pure love. They won’t judge you, chastise you, boss you around, yell at you, or make you feel worthless. Guinea pigs offer you pure, unconditional love.
  3. 3.      Guinea Pigs Ward off Boredom
    It happens to everyone at some point in time. You’re sitting around, and there’s nothing fun you can think of to do. But alas! You have a guinea pig! All you need to do is walk over, take him out of his cage, and watch as he plays on the floor at your feet. You can play with him, build mazes for him, dress him up and have a photo shoot, make a funny video with him… The ideas are endless. Guinea pigs are a great cure for boredom.
  4. 4.      Guinea Pigs Remind You That There is Power in Simplicity
    Life seems more complicated now than ever before in history. We are bombarded with responsibilities and information overload. There seems to be no escape from the thousands of ads bombarding us all day every day, telling us we need the latest and greatest gadget. We see or hear them when we turn on the TV, the radio, the internet, our smartphones, or even when we get in our car to take a drive. We are pushed to do more, be more, and have more. Guinea pigs remind us that a simple life can be a happy life. A guinea pig is easily amused with an old paper towel roll or a brown paper bag. He eats, he plays, he sleeps. Life doesn’t have to be complicated. There is power in simplicity. Guinea pigs remind us of that.
  5. 5.      Guinea Pigs Bring Out the Best in You
    The responsibility, commitment, selflessness, and patience that come with caring for a guinea pig makes us stronger and better people. If you see a hurt or abused guinea pig, wouldn’t your heart melt? Wouldn’t you reach deep down inside, reach out, and help another living being? Caring for another life makes us better people, inside and out.
  6. 6.      Guinea Pigs Can Improve Your Social Life
    When you have a guinea pig, you can connect with other guinea pig owners and form new friendships. You go to a vet and meet new people. You have guests over, and your guinea pig creates a great conversation topic. You can take photos or videos and share them online and interact with others. Guinea pigs make us more social.
  7. 7.      Guinea Pigs Remind You That Life has a Deadline
    Guinea pigs only live for 5-7 years, on average. It’s easy to forget that life has a deadline, and that we need to take each day and make it into something wonderful and memorable, because one day, there will be no more days to enjoy. Guinea pigs are a reminder that today should matter because tomorrow is not guaranteed.
  8. 8.      Guinea Pigs Can Make You A Youtube Star
    The popularity of YouTube Videos has dramatically increased in the past few years. There are people who have made funny videos with their guinea pigs and gotten over 3 million views. On the low end, 3 million views could net you $1800. On the high end, 3 million views could get you around $15,000. The amount you earn is based on the CPM rate Youtube gives you.
  9. 9.      Guinea Pigs Bring Beauty Into Your Life
    It is a strange person who doesn’t look at a guinea pig and think “HOW CUTE!”. Beauty is a treasure that everyone should add to their life, and guinea pigs bring beauty into our lives. Beauty provides a connection between the senses and the soul. Beauty outside helps us to recognize beauty within. Look at your guinea pig and realize that there is a beautiful design in nature, and you are a part of it, too.
  10. 10.       Guinea Pigs Make Easy Conversation Partners
    Who doesn’t love the wheeks and purrs and rumbles of a guinea pig? Well, maybe at 2 am it’s not so great, but guinea pigs do make great conversation partners. They interact with you and express themselves through various vocalizations. But they never yell at you, they always listen, they love when you read to them, and they are awesome buddies for kids or for shut-ins who could benefit from some one-on-one interaction.

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