Abyssinian Guinea Pig Infographic

abyssinian guinea pig info at a glance infographic

Here is an infographic I made to show some facts about Abyssinian Guinea Pigs at a glance.

Abyssinian Guinea Pigs Infographic

The first Abyssinian guinea pigs were introduced to Europe in the 1600s. They were prized possessions and were worth quite a bit of money.

Abyssinian guinea pigs are characterized by “rosettes”, or round tufts of hair.

According to a 2007 study, there are about 1,004,000 Abyssinian guinea pigs being kept as pets in the U.S.

In South America, guinea pigs are often eaten for food.

Common Abyssinian guinea pigs colors include brindle, tortoiseshell, roan, and solid colors.

Abyssinians are very social and could be more mischievous than other breeds.