Have you been lately searching for the perfect guinea pig t shirt, hoodie, jumper or sweatshirt? Well, you would love these i am going to share on this page.

These guinea pig t shirts are a must have if you are a guinea pig lover like me. Let me make it very clear that i have no association with the makers of these apparel. I just like the designs and i thought of sharing with you.

If you are interested in buying any of the shirts, i would link to where i found them.

Have a nice wheek

I could not stop laughing when i saw this shirt. It’s just funny and i highly recommend it. If you have owned cavies, you know how they like wheeking be it for food or anything else. This funny shirt is a parody trying to use the word “wheek” in the place of “week”

guinea pig shirt

Sorry i can’t have plans with my guinea pigs

This is another design that i love that i think you would also love. At first, i didn’t know what it means but someone told me it means something like “Sorry, i can’t go out with you. I am attending to my guinea pigs”. This shirt is funny and it would be the perfect excuse when you don’t want to go out with someone and you are making your piggies an excuse!

world’s best guinea pig mom

You are either a guinea pig mom or dad. Why not wear something that says you are the best in it. The design of this shirt might not be that great but the message is very clear.

i am not a hamster

People always confuse guinea pigs with hamsters and how awesome would it be to wear a shirt with a guinea pig face that has the message “i am not a hamster”? i think it makes sense.


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