Guinea Pig Dominance

Why do guinea pigs exhibit dominance behaviours? What are those behaviours? How do you deal with them? Let’s take a look at guinea pig dominance.

Understanding Dominance in the Animal World

Dominance is a characteristic that occurs whenever there is a group of social animals that interact regularly. Normally, because the animals live together or interact regularly, they compete for the same resources – food, space, attention, sex, or any other resource.

Since no two individuals want the same thing all the time, clashes will inevitably happen. One animal will want one thing, the other wants something else. There are ways to resolve the differences, such as fighting, but fighting takes energy and can cause injuries. Guinea pig dominance is a solution to that problem.

If you have just bought a second guinea pig and have placed in the cage with your initial guinea pig, there can be some problems and conflicts are simply inevitable. In the initial stages of your guinea pigs displaying dominance, I would simply let them sort the issue out. There is a pecking order to things an unlike humans, animals will almost always establish this pecking order through physical aggression.

Acts of Guinea pig dominance is typical but can be reduced by providing more space for your guinea pigs to explore. If you think about it, the longer you leave two beings in a confined space for, the more likely for problems to arise. The best solution and preventative measure for this is to simply buy a bigger guinea pig cage. I have written an article all about cages that are big enough to house two guinea pigs! Check it out here: Best Guinea Pig Cage For Two.


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