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Another of Alyssa’s guinea pigs Peanut has made into our Guinea Pig Gallery. Such a beautiful colour as well! 🙂

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A Happy Couple

Take a look at this lovely photo submitted by Jess Bullock of her two guinea pigs. Almost looks like the little guy is smiling for the photo!

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These adorable guinea pigs belong to one of our readers. They are the best of buddies!

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This adorable guinea pig belongs to one of our readers. Her name is Cutie. Quite fitting, eh?

Delilah and Galaxy

Delilah and Galaxy came into our lives in July of 2017 when they were only two months old. Delilah is a gray and white American guinea pig, and Galaxy is a multi-colored Abyssinian guinea pig. …

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Zed-Lover Man

As a family, we always adopt any furry critters from rescues or pounds and even at times have had people show up at our door with creatures needing help. Zed is the only exception. We …