Best Vitamin C Supplement For Guinea Pigs Reviewed – 2020

You probably already know why guinea pigs needs vitamin C supplements. But, if you don’t I’ll give a really quick refresher. Guinea pigs, just like humans, are one of the few mammals that cannot produce vitamin C on their own. Guinea pigs need a constant supply of vitamin c to keep themselves alive and to help prevent scurvy as well as other illnesses. There are plenty of supplements out there, but in order to find the best vitamin C supplement for guinea pigs, you have to do a bit of searching! There is a huge range of foods out there that guinea pigs can eat to get the most vitamin C, check out my calculator here.

Luckily for you, I have compiled a list of all the best vitamin C supplements for guinea pigs I have managed to find. If you are interested in any other information about vitamin C and guinea pigs, check out my article here.

Best Vitamin C Supplement For Guinea Pigs Reviewed

#1 Vitamin C Supplement – Oasis Mist

Best Vitamin C Supplement For Guinea PigsThe reason I chose put this as my number one in my list for the best vitamin c supplement for guinea pigs is due to its ease of application. I have found that at times, my guinea pigs are unwilling to eat the vitamin C pills I have given them. They just give it a little smell and walk away… SO FRUSTRATING. However, with Oasis Mist, I am able to easily apply the supplement to the surface of pretty much any food that my guinea pig will regularly eat.

Believe it or not, guinea pigs need a lot more vitamin C that you would think. Giving them the occasional piece of fruit really won’t cut it. A spray of this supplement will balance your guinea pigs diet out pretty well. If you want to find out how much vitamin C a guinea pig should have, check out this link here.

Coming in at about $15 for this bottle, the spray should last you a while. Side note, I do not recommend you spray your guinea pig’s water with this. The same goes for any vitamin C supplement (i.e. placing the pills in water). There is a chance that you add too much vitamin C to the water and your guinea pig simply decides to stop drinking. This will lead to dehydration down the road which is a much bigger problem then a lack of vitamin C.


#2 Vitamin C Supplement – Sherford Supplement

Coming in at about $18, this is certainly the most expensive of my recommendations. But, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. Sherford has, instead of creating a mist like spray, gone ahead created their supplement in pill form. Each package comes with exactly 100 pills (or tablets), no bad value for money!

what are the best guinea pig vitamin C supplements Within this pill formula, Sherford have combined a few other essential and vital supplements that are hugely beneficial for your guinea pig. Along with the health benefits, these supplements also greatly increase the food’s appeal to your little guy, insuring that your guinea will be way more inclined to eat the supplement.

Along with the vitamin C, Sherford have included a range of bioflavonoids. What are these? I wasn’t too sure when I first heard the name either. Bioflavonoids, or flavonoids as they are commonly referred to, are found in certain fruits, and essentially able to increase the total amount of available vitamin C within your supplement’s does. They have a very potent antioxidant power similar to that found in vitamin C.

Along with the flavonoids, there is a also a rich mixture of Maqui berry, blue berry, acai berry for flavour, appeal and health benefits.


#3 Vitamin C Supplement – Oxbow Supplement

I have recommended a few things from these guys in the past, and there is a reason for that. Oxbow is very well known for making healthy small animal foods, and when it comes to guinea pigs, they are no exception.

Best Vitamin C Supplement For Guinea PigsWhile the tablets aren’t as subtle as the spray in terms of introducing vitamin C to your guinea’s diet, they make up for it in other areas. The supplement is hay based meaning it is high in fibre and can support other dietary requirements.

Oxbow argues that their supplement is able to support your guinea pigs in times of stress (stress reduce vitamins). As well as this, they argue that the vitamin C also helps your guinea pig recover from over a period of illness. One of the more common illness’ I see with guinea pigs is the flu (more on this here). Speaking from personal experience, I can testify to vitamin C helping me get over being sick, so imagine the same goes for guinea pigs. While vitamin C does act as a great regenerative to your guinea’s immune system, it also acts as a great preventative to your little guy getting sick in the first place. On top of this, I tend to point people towards probiotics (read more here) as a tool to help your guinea pig recover from a period of sickness. Believe it or not, a lack of vitamin C can actually cause a host of other guinea pig illnesses (read more on this here)

Coming in at about $10, this is certainly a cheaper option then my first recommendation. On top of this, you are getting about double the amount (4.2 ounces vs 2 ounces).


Why Do I Need A Guinea Pig Vitamin C Supplement?

You are probably wondering why can’t you just use any old vitamin C supplement for your guinea pig. Surely human vitamin C pills are just as good, right? A guinea pig’s diet is pretty wide ranging, but there are also plenty of things you don’t want your guinea pig to eat. Check out my ultimate guinea pig food list to find out more. The last thing you want is to feed your guinea pig a vitamin supplement that does the opposite of what you want it to due to some unknown unhealthy additive.

The best vitamin C supplement for guinea pigs are typically designed to compliment your guinea’s diet and other health related needs. Certain compounds can contain Timothy Hay or other substitutes, which are perfect at boosting your guinea pig’s over all health. Supplements are one of the first stops that I recommend new guinea pig owners take a look at. If you have just bought a guinea pig, I recommend read my beginner guinea pig checklist.

Foods Rich In Vitamin C

There are plenty of foods out there that you can feed your guinea pig to make sure they get enough vitamin C. Here is a short list of the foods a recommend:

  • Guavas – Very rich in sugar, I recommend you feed these to your guinea pig only once or twice a week.
  • Jackfruit – Once again, very high in sugar, don’t feed too much to your little guy.
  • Lychee – Sweet, sweet, sweet, seems to be the only thing I am recommending! Don’t feed these too often either.
  • Red Bell Pepper – Not to be mistaken with red pepper, red bell pepper is an excellent source of rich vitamin C. Personally, I like to cut mine up into thin strips and feed them to my guinea pig. This way is a bit less full on then just plopping a whole bell pepper in my guinea pig’s cage.

There are honestly plenty of other options out there, the list is pretty endless. Speaking of list, check out my ultimate guinea pig food list for more food recommendations, whether it is to do with vitamin C or not, this list is pretty damn good!



Vitamin C is one of those essentials in a guinea pig’s diet and always recommend it to people who are trying to tick items of a list as far as what they should get for their guinea pig. Unfortunately, people tend to only find out about vitamin C importance when a problem shows up with their guinea pig. Vitamin C deficiencies can lead to a host of other problems such as the flu (read more here) and even death. If you want to learn a bit more about the importance of vitamin C in your guinea pig’s diet, I recommend you take a look at this article here.

Finally guys, if you have questions, please let me know in the comments section below. I love hearing you from you!

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