Best Guinea Pig Water Bottle – 2020 Reviews

There are a whole range of water bottles or drips feeder you can choose from. But the best guinea pig water bottle should, in my mind meet the following requirements:

  • Capacity – The water bottle must be able to hold a decent amount of liquid. This prevents any shortfalls of water taking place due to either you forgetting to refill the water, or your guinea pig drinking more water than expected.
  • Drip Free – You will need to have a guinea pig water bottle that doesn’t drip on regular basis. I have had some bad experiences in that, when the bottle drips it wets all the bedding around it and creates a pretty bad smell.
  • BPA Free – A lot of drip feeders are made from plastic. If you do have a plastic drip feeder, you will need to make sure that it is BPA free. BPA stands for bisphenol A. which is an industrial chemical that has been used to make certain plastics and resins since the 1960s. These are harmful to your health as well as your guinea pig’s. ‘Stay away from BPA.’
  • High Quality – The last thing you want is to end up buying your guinea pig a drip feeder/water bottle and for it to end up falling apart a month later. The quality drip feeders will stand the test of time.

Best Guinea Pig Water Bottles Reviewed

My number one recommendation has to be from Choco Nose. The capacity can run all the way up to 11.2 oz. For those overseas, that’s about 330 ml of water. 

Best Water For Guinea Pigs

A guinea pig’s daily water requirement is about 2 teaspoons of water per 100 grams of weight. So the simple calculation would be to first figure out how much your guinea pig weighs (which is typically anywhere from 700 to 1200 grams).

Two teaspoons is roughly equal to 10ml of water. So all factors consider, your guinea pig will need anywhere from 70 to 120 millilitres of water a day, depending on the temperature of course. This means this drip feeder will hold (roughly) three days worth of water.


Key Metrics

Capacity: With 11.2 oz capacity, you will only need to refill this water bottle once every 2-3 days (assuming you only have one guinea pig).

Drip Free: The water bottle has been certified as drip free. However, as with everything, there is the chance of the occasional defect. Worst comes to worst you use Amazon’s Return Policy 🙂 

BPA Free: As the name suggests, the water bottle is BPA free so no harmful chemicals in this one.

Best Guinea Pig Drip FeederQuality: From my experience, this is one of the nicer water bottles that I have used. Simply check out the other reviews on Amazon and see what I am talking about. The material and the make up of the bottle feels sturdy. The clip on the back allows for easy mounting on the outside of your cage and creates a tight hold. No wiggling or jiggling!

The nozzle is about 10 ml wide which makes it perfect for your guinea pig. Just make sure that you tap the ball at the end of the nozzle after each refill to make sure the water is able to flow freely. You may need to wipe down the nozzle of the water bottle occasionally as well. Guinea pigs can track dirt and dust into the water bottle which may lead to clogging in the future.


RentACoop’s 32 Oz Drip Feeder

So this drip feeder is definitely a bit more robust when it comes to total capacity. Thirty two ounces will have enough water for one guinea pig for about 7-9 days. I recommend this water bottle for people who have two or more guinea pigs.

What is the best water bottle for a guinea pigWhile the drip feeder does state is suited for rabbits, it can just as easily be used for guinea pigs. On top of this, the nozzle is bite resistant preventing any long lasting damage.

I’ll admit, aesthetically speaking this water bottle isn’t the prettiest. However, if changing out the water regularly is a bit of hassle for you, then this will cut a big chunk of time out of the daily maintenance.


Key Metrics

Capacity: As mentioned above, 32oz is a lot of water!

Drip Free: There is no specific ‘drip free’ labels or markets for this product. However, judging from the reviews and my experiences, this water bottle is able to hold its own when comes it to drip drip drip factor.

BPA Free: Once again, this recommendation is BPA free which I can’t stress enough, is important.

Quality: When I first got this drip feeder, I really didn’t think to much of it in terms of the way it looked. The feeder is very functional and simplistic in its design and to be honest, a bit ugly. The mount is a simple wire that holds the drip feeder to the cage. The nozzle, as mentioned above, is chew resistant, which is more of a design feature for rabbits rather than guinea pigs but none the less, a nice benefit.

If you are after a guinea pig water bottle with a large capacity and are not too worried about the look, then I highly recommend this option. It will last you a while and stand the test of time, as long you maintain it (clean the nozzle and the interior occasionally).


Living World’s Eco Water Bottle

Living Worlds Guinea Pig Water FeederI love Living World’s products and I have recommended their stuff on plenty of occasions before, and this water bottle is no exception. What I really like about the bottle is that it is made entirely out of glass, except for the nozzle of course.

The drip feeder is really easy to install and holds about 12 ounces. Once again, like my first recommendation, 12 ounces means you can store about three days worth of water for your guinea pig (assuming you only have one guinea).

Seeing as though the bottle is made of glass, you will need to be a bit more gentle when setting it up.


Key Metrics

Capacity: 12 ounces is a decent amount, but I can only really recommend this sized bottle if you have one guinea pig or if you are willing to change out the water on a regular basis.

Drip Free: You can bet this bottle is drip free. Once again, I really like anything that is made by eco world. I haven’t had a bad experience

BPA Free: Being made out of glass, the drip feeder is completely BPA free.

Quality: This guinea pig water bottle really holds its own when it comes to the quality side of things. The nozzle is made stainless steel (as are all the other bottles) and the glass makeup of the bottle gives it a nice finished look. Whats more, who doesn’t love that little floating carrot inside the bottle! One more side note, this bottle is pretty heavy (about 14 ounces).

If taken care of properly, this bottle will last you for some time into the future. If there are any defects, you are completely covered under their return policy (granted you return it under the designated time period)


So, there you go, there are my recommendations for the best guinea pig water bottles out there. I have also considered price when making these recommendations and you will find that there is nothing over $20. You can definitely move up in the range a bit but it really depends on what you are after.

Another option you can look is getting a guinea pig bowl. However, I don’t really recommend bowls just because of the extra maintenance involved and the possible contamination. While guinea pigs are very clean creatures, they can occasionally track in unwanted substances into the bowl itself. This can lead to potential health complications down the road.

If you have any questions feel free to ask and please put your thoughts in the comments section!

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