Best Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea pigs are very intelligent little creatures that can give you, the owner an endless amount of entertainment. Believe it or not, these guys are pretty social companion animals communicating through various sounds with different meanings. But, if you are not around as much as you would like, or just don’t have the time to play with your guinea pig like you used to, then some toys could be a really nice preventative to guinea pig boredom. Here are my reviews of the best guinea pig toys out there.

Best Guinea Pig Toys Reviewed

Below is a list of the 5 best guinea pig toys you could buy for your little furry friend! In choosing, we looked for the best features suited to a guinea pigs behaviour and the general pros, and cons of the toy itself.

Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel

This Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel toy is designed to be attached to your guinea pig’s habitat. It measures 5.9 inches diameter by 35.4 inches length (medium size) and it folds up pretty easily. It provides an extended space for your pet and a little extra exploration. The Living World Hagen Pet Tunnel is designed to simulate burrowing and tunnelling, the most loved guinea pigs activity. For both outdoor and indoor tunnel needs, this is the perfect solution with its corner ties allowing for it to be secured to the ground.

This tunnel is also made of polyester fabric which produces a crinkly sound for additional amusement. Whether you guinea pig want to hide out, exercise or sleep, this tunnel can work well can accommodate.


  • Contains velcro connectors
  • Lightweight design
  • Has ground anchors/corner ties for stabilization


  • Exposes a metal frame when the fabric was chewed
  • Quite short


Wheeky Treat Ball Toy for Guinea Pigs

This Wheeky Treat Ball is a fun and interactive to guinea pig toy. Sitting at about 2.8 inches or 7 centimeters diameter (depending on what side of the ocean your age), this toy is an easy and small addition to your guinea pig toy arsenal. Apart from being a boredom buster, this ball can also be used for both physical and mental workout. Guinea pigs are easily enticed with its bright yellow color and orange carrot design.

If you want to provide your pet with long hours of entertainment and energy burning toy. This neat and cute ball would work perfectly. What I really like about this toy is that you can actually place a little treat inside the ball itself, giving your guinea pig something to works towards.


  • Provides interactive and fun play
  • Adjustable treat opening
  • Attractive yellow color and carrots design


  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Treats sometimes get stuck inside


Niteangel Small Animal Activity Toy, Fun Pet Balls

The Niteangel Small ball is made of natural seagrass, rattan, and water hyacinth. Its small size of 2.6 inches diameter makes it a perfect toy for guinea pigs as they can easily get around it with their teeth.

This toy is definitely a great way to prevent your pet’s boredom as they can also nibble, roll, and chase it. You can also put some treats or snacks inside the ball to provoke your pet’s interest. Give this little ball a try, I highly recommend it.


  • Durable and soft material
  • 100% made of natural products like hyacinth, rattan, and seagrass (this is great considering your guinea pig will be using its teeth with this toy)
  • Great for small pets especially for guinea pigs
  • Safe and non-toxic


Kaytee Nut Knot Nibbler

This nibbler toy is a unique one that is specially designed to stimulate your pet’s play experience. It’s a pretty intricate little system that features several wooden poles put together into a ball shape. The role of wooden poles is to rattle around and create noise.

The reason why Kaytee made this nibble is to encourage healthy and consistent chewing to promote dental health. It is also made of colourful wooden poles with natural and safe ingredients. Imagine having a single toy that is both great for nibbling, chewing, and just having fun – definitely worth the purchase!



  • Wood materials are dyed with vegetable dye – safe and effective
  • Perfect for both playing and chewing
  • Affordable price with the highest quality


  • Colors sometimes bleed when it gets wet
  • Reports of splintering cases


Ware Manufacturing Willow Branch Ball

This ball is made of 100% natural willow that is very safe for your guinea pigs to chew. This promotes healthy and clean teeth which satisfy your piggy’s instinct to chew on toys. It definitely alleviates boredom as they can nibble, chew, and nudge them all day long. Measuring 4-inch long, 4-inch wide, and 4-inch high, this toy has been considered as one of the best branch balls in the market. Get your guinea pigs entertained, and keep em busy!



  • Made of 100% natural willow
  • Can come into three or five in a pack
  • Promotes both playful and healthy activity


  • The branch ball sometimes become unraveled
  • Willow remnants require cleaning


Why Do Guinea Pig Need Toys?

A guinea pig’s way of having fun is different from other pet’s. They are not typical in that they just want to roll balls around or run around a wheel. Instead, guinea pigs enjoy burrowing, nibbling and generally being as active as possible, especially if they are cooped up in a cage all day.

The toys that you get your guinea pig provide plenty of mental stimulation for them. Physically activity and mental activity go hand in hand, so giving them some toys to mess around with is a great easy way to keep you guinea pig happy. It also allows them to exercise and wear down their teeth. This is incredibly import for small animals as they really do need an as many options as possible to help them use their teeth.

Further, guinea pigs are generally energetic. So if you leave them nothing to do and enclosed in an area all day, your pets might become frustrated and depressed. Hence, toys are very essential to make them happy!

Types of Toys for Your Guinea Pigs

You do not need to spend a lot of money to bring out a fun experience for your guinea pig. You can always be creative and innovative in looking out for great toys for them. Here are the types of toys for your guinea pigs to choose from:


Any form of boxes that can turn upside down or sideways can be a great toy for your guinea pigs. Just make sure it appears like a cave with soft beddings for hide-away. If upside down, it should also contain cuts or holes where your pet can escape or passthrough.


Guinea pigs love snuggling a lot, especially in cozies. One perfect toy for your guinea pig is the cuddle cups or tunnel-like cage with soft beddings. This can be a perfect way for your pet to have some warmth and a relaxing play environment. Make sure you choose bedding materail that is made of a non-toxic and potentially edible material. A great option is the Small Pet Select Bedding!




Chewies are one of the guinea pig’s favorites. It should be made of all natural willow which is safe for your guinea pig to chew. Chewie toys help promote clean teeth while satisfying your pet’s instinct of chewing. This chewing motion really helps with wearing your guinea pigs teeth down which doesn’t sound good, but is actually something that would happen in the wild anyway. It is really important to simulate the natural environment your guinea pig would otherwise be living in so the toys you purchase should ideal do just this.

Also insure the guinea pig toys you buy are free of any harsh chemicals. The reality is, your guinea pig is chewing these toys and the last thing you want is for it to be ingesting any chemicals that are in the toy itself.


Some guinea pigs like tossing around small toys. Hence, small stuffed animals can be the best option to give them. They are soft and lightweight. However, stuffed toys may have harmful stuffing so you should monitor if your guinea pig is chewing on them or alternatively, just make sure you end up buying a toxic free doll. They can also use this to cuddle up on their sleep.


For scratch and play, bricks or blocks can be both fun and useful. It helps trim down your pet’s claws to lessen its sharpness without hurting doing any harm to your guinea pig. Try putting these bricks and blocks under the hay racks as this can be an interesting gym for them.

Types of Toys to Avoid

You should really be thinking of a baby when you are purchasing a toy for your guinea pig. I know it seems a bit extreme, but the reality is, anything you wouldn’t give a baby due to the health risks, you shouldn’t give a guinea pig. Here are the types of toys you may want to avoid when shopping:


As widely suggested, never get your guinea pigs wheel type of toys. They do not actually hate it, but there is a low chance of them using it. They might just look at it occasionally and probably use it as butt-scratching equipment – which defeats the purpose of the wheels and kind of shows how they feel towards it.


Any toy you give to a pet will eventually get into their mouth. This means, the toys that are made up of toxic chemicals and harmful metals should not be given to your guinea pig. You should also avoid questionable bright paint (especially those lead paints) that are typically coating your guinea pig toys toys. You don’t want them to chew on and eventually ingest it.

Benefits of Guinea Pig Toys

Guinea pigs are generally energetic little animals. So if you leave them nothing to do and enclosed in an area all day, they will probably become frustrated and depressed. Hence, toys are very essential to make them happy. You just have to ensure that they have a safe playpen. Here is a little list of some of the other notable benefits the best guinea pigs toys can give your guinea pig.

  • Toys, specifically the chewies, satisfy your pets urge to chew. It also helps in maintaining a healthy set of teeth.
  • Apart from exercise, proper diet, and giving them the love they deserve, playtime makes your guinea pig a happy and healthy little creature.
  • Guinea pigs are intelligent. So, if you want to teach them some tricks to perform, the best time to train them is during playtime – with their toys!
  • Guinea pigs love to explore and burrow. Hence, by choosing the right tunnel toys, you will give them the chance to do it freely.


Whatever toy you choose, the most important thing to consider is the safety of your pet. Always ensure that the one you buy is made of safe and all natural materials. Always look out for sharp and loose objects that may potentially choke or cut them.

It is also vital that you supervise them during playtime and help them explore things safely. Lastly, always teach your children and other household members on the right and gentle handling of your pet. Shower them not just with lots of toys, but also with love, care, and compassion!

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