Best Bedding For Guinea Pig Odor Control

Controlling your guinea pig’s odor is no small feat… I was trying to make a pun there about your guinea pig’s small feet and smell… but thats the best I could come up with! There are plenty of strategies you can use and finding the best bedding for guinea pig odor control is definitely one of them!

However, whenever the topic of guinea pig odor control comes up I always point people in the direction of Critter Zone. Critter Zone have come out with this device that is designed to replicate the natural purification of air that takes place in nature. Bad air goes in, clean air goes, just like trees with CO2.

This device is essentially an air purifier that, rather than masking the odor, it completely removes it. This is a much better option to controlling the odor coming from your guinea pig cage that trying to mask it with another smell.

Best Guinea Pig Bedding For Odor Control


Benefits of Critter Zone VS Odor Control Guinea Pig Bedding

Cost Effective – In the long run, you are actually saving money by purchasing this air purifier. You don’t need to replace your bedding nearly as often due to the smell.

Here is my logic, a 40 litre bag of guinea pig bedding is gonna cost you roughly $20. This bag will last you about 11 cleans. Lets say you are cleaning your bedding once a week or even more due to the smell.

That means you are going through 4.7 bags a year multiplied by $20 = about $95. Guinea pigs can live for a while if you can cut your consumption by half, the device will pay for itself over the lifetime of your guinea pig.

Healthy – This device cleans the air your guinea pig breaths. Along with this, a lot of the odor control bedding can be scented with harmful chemicals that damage your guinea pig’s respiratory system. No need to worry about this with Critter Zone

Cleaning – A lot of the time, the only reason you need to clean your guinea pig is due to the odor rather than the health effects. Getting one of Critter Zone’s odor controllers cuts the need to clean your guinea pig cage as often.

Environmentally Friendly – The trick to being environmentally friendly is not alternative products, but reducing our consumption of products all together. Getting hold of these air purifiers reduces your need to consume bedding which ultimately helps the environment in its own little way.

On top of all this, bedding isn’t going to completely remove the odor problem. The reality is, its going to temporarily mask and absorb the smell. All I can say is that if you are looking at reducing your guinea pig cages odor permanently, get hold of one of these little guys. They are well worth the money.


If you are looking for a more in depth review, feel free to check out this article here.

So What Is The Best Bedding For Guinea Pig Odor Control?

Okay, I have given you my two cents, now you want to find out the best bedding. My following recommendations were judged according to the following criteria:

  • Health – Any bedding that has an unnatural chemical additive I have chosen not to include. Chemicals in your guinea pig’s bedding are one of those hidden health detriments that people tend to overlook.
  • Price – Ill try and keep the pricing to a minimum without comprising on quality.
  • Absorbency – The bedding needs to be absorbent. The less absorbent, the less amount of time it’s going to last.
  • Smell – Last but not least, the smell has to be a factor. Of course, smell is slightly subjective so I have tried my best to not let my own preference get in the way of my recommendations.

1# Kaytee Clean & Cozy Scented Small Animal Bedding

My first recommendation has to be from Kaytee. Their scented guinea pig bedding is super absorbent and super soft for your little guy(s). The bedding is designed to absorb four to six times its own weight meaning it will last a lot longer compared to something like newspaper.

Odds are, if you are after the best bedding for guinea pig odor control, your guinea pig cage is inside. If this is the case, then this might not matter so much for you, but the bedding is designed to be extra warm. No more cold nights for your little guys.

Scented Guinea Pig Bedding For Odor ControlThere are no harmful chemicals in this bedding which is another added plus. Kaytee strives exclude all harmful materials from all of their products.

There is also no dust that comes off of this scented guinea pig bedding. This is another one of those hidden health detriments for your guinea. Dust, whether it is chemical based or not, can hurt your little guy’s respiratory system.

Coming in at about $20 for 40 litres, y0u are getting pretty good value for money as well.


2# Living World Pine Shavings

Alrighty, second of my list for odor controlling guinea pig bedding comes from Living World. These guys actually have a great range of guinea pig cages as well, feel free to check them out here.

Living world has created a bedding material completely out of organic natural pine shavings. Personally I really like bedding material that is as close to what a guinea pig can get in the wild. Pine shavings are relatively similar to what your guinea pig would forage for if it were to make it’s own nest.

Pine Shavings For Guinea Pig Odor Control In terms of quantity, you are not going to get as much product as you would with something like Kaytee’s option. In saying that, this option is half the price (depending on how much you buy).

To help make sure there are no harmful debris and chemicals, living world ‘kiln dries’ their shavings before they sell them.

The smell, in my opinion is the most defining feature. I love the scent of pine especially when I’m trying to get rid of guinea pig odor. However, the only thing that keeps me form putting this to the top of my list is the quantity and the lack of absorbency.



Believe it not, there really isn’t to many options as far as scented guinea pig bedding goes. If you are looking for some really good overall bedding, check out my article here. You can always look at purchasing hay on using grass, but this isn’t going to tell the test of time as a bedding material as far as smell goes.

Once again, if you are looking for a more permanent solution to guinea pig odor, I have written an article about a few of my own methods I use here. However, the most permanent solution to guinea pig odor I have found is Critter Zone.

Check it out, see what you think! If you have any questions feel free to ask, I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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