Bandy, my loving sweetie

Bandy the Guinea Pig

Bandy the Guinea Pig

Bandy is a lovely guinea pig that loves everyone. He likes licking your finger when you hold him. He is gentle and wouldn’t ever dream of hurting you. He is proud, and when he gets left out he just eats all the food while he can.

Bandy is 3 years old and was born in 2013. His favorite food is broccoli, he loves his greens! Once when he was little, I built a lettuce house all around him and he ate every millimetre of it!

Also when he and his room-mate Fluff were in their massive running area and I gave them a piece of broccoli, when Bandy wasn’t looking Fluff started eating his broccoli. Then Bandy turned around and saw Fluff eating his broccoli so he squeaked his head off, then snatched the broccoli and ran away! Bandy also gives me a lot of trust, wherever I am and I call his name he will come straight towards me or just put his head up to tell me his is busy at the moment. When he comes to me, I have a piece of food in my hand and he grabbed it with is teeth and runs away.

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