Advantek Hutch Review

Advantek make a pretty huge range of hutches, houses and even pet gazebos (I didn’t even know those were a thing until recently). So, if you are wondering if Advantek know what they are doing when it comes to their hutches/houses, the short answer is yes. In this article, I am going to do an Advantek Hutch review where I’ll go pretty in depth about all the pro’s and cons of this particular house for your little pet.

Now, before I begin, a small disclaimer:

This hutch is described as a rabbit hutch, and this website (in case you haven’t already found out) is about guinea pigs. In saying that though… most, if not all, of the rabbit hutches I have come across are perfectly suitable for guinea pigs. So, I will be reviewing this hutch from a guinea pig owner perspective, but, pretty much everything I say is just as useful for a rabbit owner as well.


Advantek Rabbit Hutch Review 

Lets get straight into the nitty gritty: the details of the cage!

What is Advantek’s Hutch Made Of? 

The hutch itself is constructed entirely out of Fir lumber (excluding the general nuts and bolts).

So what is Fir lumber?

Image result for fir tree woodFir lumber is very similar to pine, but also distinctly different. Fir is favoured for its durability and rot/insect resistant nature. You will typically find fir being used for exterior cladding or for things like deck surfaces simply due to its life span when exposed to the elements. You can see why Advantek decided to use it for this rabbit/guinea pig hutch. As a matter of fact, you will find a lot of the guinea pig houses out there use fir as the core material (and for good reason).

Fun fact, Fir, as a wood, will absorb and release water regularly and therefor expand and contract, but unlike most other woods, fir will always return to its natural original form after drying out. Also, from a sustainability perspective, Advantik’s hutches are sourced from sustainable Fir wood forest.

The roof of the hutch has been coated with a non-toxic asphalt layer to help prevent the rain from seeping through and getting your guinea pig all wet. Keep in mind, the exterior outdoor portion of the hutch is not covered. So if you do live in an area with a lot of rain, it will pay to place the hutch in a more sheltered area.

How Large Is Advantek’s Hutch?

So as far as straight numbers and dimensions go, the hutch is 25 inches in length x 48 inches in width x 36 inches in height. Advantek states that the hutch is large enough to accomodate two full grown rabbits. Personally, I think this might be a bit of a stretch depending on how much exercise you give your little guys. Even for two guinea pigs I would say this is an okay size, as long as you are letting your little guys run about on a regular basis.

Check out my article on outdoor guinea pig run ideas to find out more. I also highly recommend that guinea pig owners have two guinea pigs instead of just one. This is really important for your guinea pig’s mental health as they are typically very social animals. So keep in mind that the guinea pig hutch you do end up buying should be large enough to accomodate for two guineas and not just one.

Is This An Indoor or Outdoor Hutch?


Without a doubt, this guinea pig/rabbit hutch by Advantek is an outdoor hutch. How do I know this? Well, beyond simply looking at it, the biggest give away is the wire enclosed section of the hutch. This section does not have a bottom which means that it is designed to be placed on the grass in an outdoor environment.

Keep in mind, that the grass surface should therefor be as a flat as possible. Any waves in the grounds surface can create spots which your guinea pig will be able to wiggle out of and potentially escape. Also, depending on the area you live in. There is a chance that predators can sneak underneath these gaps and wreak havoc. Fortunately, the wire exterior is close knit enough to prevent anything (including cat’s paws) from getting through.


Pro’s And Cons – Advantek Hutch Review

So let’s start on positive note when it comes to my Advantek Hutch review!


  • Design I think the thing that stands out most to me is the aesthetic appeal of the hutch. The paint job is nice as is the material that is being used.
  • Size – As I mentioned above, the size of the hutch is a definite advantage if you have one guinea pig (or rabbit). Keep in mind, the more guineas you put in the hutch, the more roaming time you should consider giving them.
  • Price –  Prices change on a regular basis so I can’t give a completely accurate indication of the current price of the hutch. However, last I checked, the hutch was under $200 which is very good value for money. To see the current price click below:


  • Assembly – As with almost all hutches and cages that you buy online, you will need to assemble the thing yourself when it arrives. Fortunately, this hutch is incredibly easy to assemble yourself.


  • Sturdiness – While the cage does look nice, it is not the sturdiest thing ever. There have been a lot of reports of people having to reinforce Advantek’s hutch with extra wood/bolts. So just keep this in mind, especially if you are considering moving it around of a regular basis.
  • Outdoor Only – Due to the lack of a bottom, the cage is only suitable for the outdoors as any pee and poop will end up on the floor/carpet otherwise. Some people have taken some measures to remedy this however. I have seen one person screw in a wooden bottom to allow the cage to be moved indoors.
  • Chew-ability – This is an interesting one, but a big complaint from people was the softness of the wood (fir wood). Fir is a durable and great material, but it is soft in nature which means, if your guinea’s/rabbits want too, they will be able to chew through it relatively easy. My recommendation to people is provide your guinea’s with something else to chew such as a chew toy (more on this here). Unlike humans, a guinea pig’s teeth will keep growing through out their entire life and therefor need toys or items to help them wear their teeth down naturally.


Advantek As A Company 

So, I think its only fair in reviewing the products that a company makes that I review the company itself as well.

Funnily enough, Advantek has its roots in catch and release traps. Having started over a decade ago, they gradually moved into dog kennels outdoor dog enclosures. As time went on, they began expanding into other markets including small pets, birds and other animals through the use of their Gone Green Product line.

The gone green product line (which the Advantek Hutch Review focuses on) is designed with sustainability as a core focus. How is this done? Well, the fir is grown in government controlled and sustainable forests.

More On Guinea Pig houses 

Well, that about does it for my Advantek Guinea Pig Hutch Review. If you are after more information/recommendations on hutches and cages feel free to check out the following articles:





If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I love hearing from you guys 🙂

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