15 Things to Do With Your Guinea Pig

Number 1: Cardboard Maze

guinea pig maze

Make a maze out of cardboard or old VHS tapes and watch him find his way through to the food.

Number 2: Play Time

Take a toy, tie a string on it and drag it on the floor. Entice him to chase it.

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Number 3: Cuddle Time 

Take him out of his cage and cuddle with him. It’s simple, but it’s fun.

Number 4: Bath Time

Give him a bath.

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Number 5: Training

Train your guinea pig to understand basic commands.

Here’s a tutorial.

Number 6: Play Dead

Train your guinea pig to play dead.

Here’s a tutorial.

Number 7: Obstacle Course

Build an obstacle course indoors or outdoors and watch him go through it. Make tunnels, see-saws, things he has to climb over, etc. Make it fun!

Number 8: Tug Of War

Get an old sock and play tug-of-war with him.

Number 9: More Play Time

Get a small ball and play ball with him.

Number 10: Reading

Put him in your lap and read a book out loud to him.

Number 11: Photo Shoot

Get your camera or smartphone and do a photo shoot. Even more fun if you dress him up.

Number 12: Movie Time

Shoot a video of your guinea pig, then edit it and add cool effects using video editing software.

Number 13: Burrowed Time

Take some small cloths and paper tubes and hide food or other objects. Spread them out on the floor and watch your guinea pig burrow and tunnel through to find them.

Number 14: Bowling

Teach your guinea pig to bowl. Set up some “bowling pins” (anything small enough to knock over). Get a small ball, like a ping-pong ball. Entice him to push the ball to knock down the pins. You might need to use treats to encourage him.

Number 15: Playmates

Organize a guinea pig get-together. Find guinea pig owners in your area, arrange a meetup, and socialize. Let your guinea pig meet someone new. (don’t put a female with a male, though!). Post an ad at meetup.com or craiglist.

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